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School Readiness

School Readiness is an early learning program that helps working families with childcare while preparing their children for school. Find School Readiness information for providers, such as standards, curriculum, professional development, as well as other resources and forms.

Let’s help children get ready for success!

Curriculum Information

Legislation requires Florida’s Office of Early Learning (FOEL) to adopt a list of approved curricula that meet the School Readiness Program performance standards and to establish a process for reviewing and approving a provider’s curriculum to assess whether it meets standards. The list of curricula approved for use in School Readiness Programs, as well as information related to the approval process, is available on FOEL’s website.

Professional Development

This program is intended for School Readiness practitioners to increase their knowledge in the field of early childhood education. Learn about the program here and submit the form when the program is available here.

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