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The Early Learning Coalition of Polk County is a non-profit agency focused on early education and care. The Coalition’s School Readiness Program provides economically disadvantaged and at-risk children access to high quality early education to help prepare them for success in school while supporting families to become self-sufficient. The Voluntary PreKindergarten Program (VPK) helps early learners build a strong foundation for kindergarten and beyond. Finally, the Coalition’s Nurse Family Partnership Program provides first-time, at-risk pregnant mothers with support that focuses on maternal and child health, child development, and economic self-sufficiency.

Research has shown that the early years, especially the first three years of life, are extremely important when it comes to building a child’s brain. A child’s earliest experiences and environments set the stage for their future development and success in school and in life. At the Early Learning Coalition of Polk County, we strive to make certain that children and families have access to affordable, quality early learning programs and services.

Through various collaborative community partnerships, the Coalition works to identify resources and opportunities to maximize our ability to deliver the highest quality services. Whether you are a parent, child care provider, or an interested member of our community, this site has information, resources, and helpful links for you.

As the Coalition continues to serve the children and families of Polk County, the next generation is given the opportunity to develop the skills they will need to be successful in their future. This is the aspiration which has motivated the Coalition since its inception, because when children are successful, everyone wins!


The Coalition will provide leadership, direction, and integrated resource management for quality services that support our vision of success for children.


All children enter school healthy, ready and eager for lifelong learning with the collaborative support of parents, families, educators, and the community.

Coalition History

Originally established in 1999, by Florida Statute 411.01, The Polk County School Readiness Coalition, Inc. doing business as The Early Learning Coalition of Polk County is recognized as a leader in the community with early education and care initiatives serving as many as 9,000 children a month in the programs funded by federal, state, and local dollars.

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Departments & Staff

Whether you are looking to connect with our Administration, Finance (for providers reimbursements), eligibility department (parent counselor), quality or operations department, you will find here all the contacts from the ELC Polk Staff you might need.

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Sponsorship Partners

Division of Early Learning
United Way — ELC Polk
Publix Super Markets Charities — ELC Polk

Collaborative Partners

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