Letter from the Chair

Message from the Board Chair

This has been an incredible year for the Coalition as we continue to reach out to the community building partnerships and raising awareness for the importance of high quality early education and care.  We know that the partnerships we have formed have made it possible for us to reach the children that we serve, and to the friends and neighbors of the Coalition and the leaders of our county’s legislative delegation, we say thank you for the support and partnerships that carried us to this point of great success.

This year we saw an increase in generous donation from local businesses and concerned citizens who know that early learning matters.  We applaud your action and appreciate your assistance in attaining our goals this year.  It is because of you that the children of today will have the chance to be the educated citizens of tomorrow.

As we begin a new year of service to the community, we eagerly anticipate the strengthening of our partnerships with each and every one of you.  The Coalition and its Board believes that our mission will be best served through a community of dedicated and like-minded individuals who realize the importance of preparing our children for the future.

Katrina Lunsford, Chair